Wanderlust Collection

We are extremely excited to announce our new collection - Wanderlust! The collection consists of handmade bags and pouches from the local artisans of Sri Lanka. The bags and pouches use fabrics from their native land. Sri lanka is one of the most popular places to buy hand woven fabrics and that’s why the founders of The Generous Light Co. carefully picked the beauties themselves.

Each bag and pouch comes with a charm that relates to Sri Lanka. The charms consist of a lotus flower (නෙලුම්), coconut tree (පොල්ගස), sea turtle (කැස්බෑවා), dragonfly (බත් කූරා), elephant (අලියා) and an elephant head (අලි ඔලුව) to symbolize purity, rebirth, wisdom, luck, nourishment and change.

Batik and handloom weaving are two of Sri Lanka's most important and traditional industries when it comes to the textile sector, as they represent an integral part of the country's rich culture and have given the beautiful island a vibrant identity.

Their fabrics typically include vibrant checks and stripes intentionally designed to brighten up ones mood. Their prints are inspired by nature and the environment, such as land and seascapes, marine life, endless beaches and flora of sri lanka. They translate these beautiful aspects of their surroundings into abstract geometry to produce beautiful and useful textiles.

The art of hand weaving has been passed down by their families from generation to generation. The natives possess such creative hands in the textile industry and work with such enthusiasm. They are deeply concentrated in weaving which shows you that they are actually doing this out of admiration and through the love of their hearts. 

The artisans, mostly elderly ladies, coordinate the use of their eye, hands, feet and mind in perfection which results in beautiful yards of colorful textile. Everything is 100 percent local to Sri Lanka and part of their heritage. The exquisite fabrics give Sri Lanka a unique personality and an understanding of their customs and traditions which helps you connect to their culture. Through having the local woman of Sri Lanka handmake these products we are empowering the local woman and helping their community.

The Wanderlust collection is available now to buy on our site!

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