Catching up with TGLC

We’re catching up with the busy ladies of The Generous Light Co. and how their journey has fared so far..


How has everything developed at TGLC since the company first launched over a year ago?

Noora: So much has happened, its really been a rollercoaster ride! This past year has been a huge learning experience for us from all angles of the business. We have encountered many different issues and have also had many accomplishments! I think you don’t realize how much goes into it at the beginning, and as you go on you realize that you have to enjoy every step of the journey and keep an open mind to learning all the tricks along the way. I love meeting our customers and am so grateful for all the feedback we have gotten. My proudest development is that we now have a team that inspire, support and believe in the company so much - who without I don’t think we would’ve reached to where we are today!

Karima: I have learned so much about running a business especially since I am artist first and a business woman second. Owning your own business is very challenging but also very rewarding. We have had to overcome a few obstacles especially with regards to production but because of this we have become quite resourceful. The best part about this year is that we have met and connected with so many fascinating people who seem to love our work and products. We now have an amazing team who really believe in what we are doing and in their work here.  Going the the office every day is truly a pleasure.  

Every journey has its challenges, was anything a lot harder or easier than you expected?

Noora:  I think the hardest challenge we are facing today is production. Our dream would be to produce everything in Bahrain where it's under our control and supports the economy here at the same time. Another challenge has been organizing all the admin and accounting - you don’t realize how much goes into this and my advice to anyone starting a business is to make sure they have all their processes ready before they begin anything else. The easiest challenge and the one that came most naturally, was finding the right people to join the team - I feel like everyone we have encountered was meant to be here at this time and place!

Karima: As Noora mentioned production really has been a challenge. Its all trial and error and learning about the best suppliers and what materials work and what doesn’t as we go along. We really want our customers to be happy so it takes a lot of time and thought to create a product that we love. I think another interesting challenge has been learning how to use online social media to market our products. Social media is so saturated at the moment that figuring out who uses which platforms and what kind of language and information to put on those platforms has been like piecing together a puzzle. It’s been eye-opening and fun!

How has it been working with different creatives?

Noora:  Our brand consists of working with many creatives from different fields.  Each has something special to bring to the table.  The best part of the job is working with these people who have a clear vision and values that they stick by, and incorporate in their work. We have had so much support from local creatives over the past year which we have learnt so much from. I hope that these relationships grow stronger over the years and increase with time. The creatives are our biggest inspiration!

Karima:  I love collaborating with other artists. It’s also beautiful how people of the same “energy” are drawn to one another and these creative collaborations have occurred so naturally and serendipitously.  

Any upcoming collections or collaborations coming up?

Noora:  We have some great things coming along! One of the things we are most excited about is sponsoring our Business Development Executive, Hessa Al Rumaihi’s Global Wheels, which consists of tours all around Bahrain that are based on education, exploration, experience and being eco friendly! A concept that fits perfectly with the values of TGLC. You have to stay tuned for the rest!

Karima: I am also really excited about what the future will bring for us and Global Wheels, especially since Hessa is one of TGLC’s beloved own and we believe in her and what she is doing.  I am also looking forward to the launch of our Brand booklet, part of which will be made into a children’s book. We are collaborating with both of my sister’s, Yasmin, who wrote the poetically moving storyline, and Jenine, who is doing the amazing graphic illustrations. I am so proud of all the inspiring, strong people around us!

What are you most looking forward to in the future?

Noora: I look forward to everyday! I love what we are doing, I love going into the office and working with our team and I honestly believe in what we are doing, therefore I look forward to the journey of getting there and appreciate all the things we are learning along the way! I'm excited to see our vision and mission starting to fall into place and for that to have the effect we want on society.

Karima: I look forward to meeting people and inspiring a wider audience. I just enjoy the learning process and love being in the office, around our team and coming up with new ideas together. The office is my sanctuary; a place of inspiration, acceptance, understanding and overcoming challenges in a creative and resourceful way. I hope that the intention of our whatever we create together in this office is felt by our clients!

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