Bahrain's Little Bike Tour

A few days ago, the TGLC team were treated by one of their very own to a bike tour in Jasra, Bahrain. Global Wheels bike tours aim to enlighten people with a cultural view of Bahrain's nature spots. Catching the weather on a fine day we rode our bicycles, provided by Global Wheels, near the King Fahad Causeway, where we glanced over the beautiful blue-toned sea and vibrant pink flamingos. The reason for the first stop is to raise awareness to this contrasting area. The beach remains untouched but people are neglecting it, with garbage, bottles, and even a bowling ball laying around in the surrounding area. 

Next stop on the list was the Janabiyah camel farm, where we were able to pet these sweet animals as they lay basking in the sun. Fun fact about camels: in the Arabic culture they symbolise patience, tolerance and endurance, and are so important that there are over 160 words for ‘camel’ in the Arabic language!

We then rode our bikes to Jasra Handicrafts centre to explore Bahrain's heritage in handicrafts which includes textile weaving, basket making, pottery and the makings of instruments and ships. This is a great attraction for people to have a sense of Bahrain's traditional crafts-making.

Not far from the centre is Jasra House, which we biked to in no time. The house, which is over 100 years old, is believed to be where Sheikh Isa was born and shows the traditional way Bahraini families once lived. Here we had some snacks and traditional Arabic Tea, before our last stop of the day - the organic farm. The organic farm is across the road from Jasra House and is a farm where all fruits and vegetables are grown free from chemicals and pesticides. 

The TGLC family had a wonderful afternoon and would highly recommend this lovely tour, which you can book here.


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