Full Moon March



The rising of the final full-moon in winter is coming. This moonrise in Virgo on the 12th of March shall signal the setting of a season, one of icy stillness. The close of a time of hibernation when most of us have locked away a part of ourselves, burying them deep within the catacombs of our minds.

But spring is upon us, and like any period of change, tumultuousness should be expected and even respected. Growth is never easy, but it is an incredibly beautiful thing when finally realized; like a moon reaching the zenith of its cycle, we become full, powerful, luminous and undeniably captivating to star gazers.  

To fully understand and appreciate what a full-moon is exactly, we must first understand the very meaning and force behind a full-moon. And with each month, the full-moon holds a different sway and emboldening capabilities that we can feel blossoming within ourselves like Moonflowers. Soon, our bodies are humming with this cosmic energy, and when this happens, we must harvest the galactic fruits of moon magic.



Lunar Lust

A full-moon is when the sun and moon are opposite in the Zodiac. As these two heavenly bodies come face to face in a cosmic dance of polar opposites, many of us will feel a sudden surge of energy, one that demands change and release. Now is the time to answer these calls of growth (how fitting wouldn’t you agree?). Is there something that no longer serves you? Have you been flirting with a goal? Now is the time to be selfish, invest in any desires and needs that have been calling to you. Answer the calls.

A full-moon is a time of polarities and this can manifest in many ways, for instance as the ego versus emotions, work life versus home or what we want versus what we need. It is a period of resurrection and rebirth.

During a full-moon, the build-up of emotions, instincts and lessons reach their orbed zenith, glowing in a radiance and fullness of realization. A full-moon is the perfect time to tap into this emotional awareness, which is deliciously heightened and powered by the full-moon. We are at our instinctive peak and should remember to garner these amplified abilities. It is the time to overcome challenges and face them head on like warriors of the Light.



The Worm Moon

Oh, March, a time of transformation and the spring of self. This full-moon has been bejeweled with many names, each celebrating the power of our beloved Luna. One of its names, the Full Worm Moon, occurs as the warmth of spring marches in. The ground is beginning to thaw, and with this, the stirring of earthworms, and soon the return of birds.  Some other tribes named March moon as the Full Crow Moon when the cacophony of crowing fills the wintery stilled air, calling in the spring.

Our slumbering world is soon awoken by spring’s warm touch, stirring and singing, it is resurrected from its hibernation, and with this waking, comes the waking of energy.



Fishing with the Worm Moon

So, as this Full Worm Moons wriggles and crawls its way out of its previously icy prison of frozen earth, we should prepare fish with the ‘Worm Moon’ and cast our intentions into the ocean of life and destiny.

This full-moon will be in Virgo, and if you are a micro-manager like the Virgo, an energy that is particularly picky and tends to choose the practical route in life, it is time to take a deep inhale and let it go. Let the lunar lust pour into your life like a wild river breaking free past the dam of control you have built. Invite it to release you from the micro-managing iron grips, and then float along the free-flowing waters of your own making.

I said it once and I will say it again: crystal baths. Whether you have a vast rainbow armada of crystals, or just one little quartz you carry around with you, put them outside to bathe in the empowering moonlight. Once saturated with moon magic, your crystals will be cosmically charged and ready.

Set intentions for this time of growth. For instance, as I do battle with my 31 day challenge of staying sugar-free, this Full Worm Moon will be a wonderful time to reinforce my goals and intentions.

Release whatever it is that no longer serves you. Go through your closets, cupboards and cabinets. Hunt for buried treasure in every corner of your home. They don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing!



Written by: Laila Al-Yafi

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