Will I be my Valentine?

In keeping with the spirit of love during the month of February, we are exploring facets of adoration, desire and tenderness. Yes, this may seem predictable, with it being Valentine's day on the 14th and all, however we offer a twist in this little plot: Self-love.


We seldom remember to ask ourselves what it is we want, and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with filling those you love up with your energy and time, we must also remember our own needs and desires. Without a healthy mindset and headspace, how can we live authentically?


Having a moment to ourselves is a jeweled rarity many of us cannot afford since most of the day is dedicated to family, friends and work.  And by the time evening comes around to claim another day in our overcrowded schedules, we are left malnourished and starving for morsels of silence and serenity that our body and hearts are in desperate need of.


So what are some ‘life hacks’ and remedies for taking time to remember ourselves?


Be aware

Take a moment right now while you’re reading this article to ask yourself: what do I want? Really explore this question and delve down deep into the catacombs of your heart and unearth this question.  Dust it off and become aware of these needs. Be a little selfish for once!


Energy leaks

Like a destructive oil spill overflowing across oceans, suffocating life and beauty, an energy leak can be just as harmful and damaging to your own little ecosystem of strength and self-love.  Pinpoint these leaks, which can take form as a toxic ‘frenemy’ or partner for instance, and do yourself a favor and prevent any further loss. Once you have pinpointed the cause of your personal puncture wounds, put an immediate stop to it and prevent any further loss of your life source.



“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”

Have you felt a rift of regret forming between you and a friend? Why not take this opportunity to reconcile and finally shed the weight of guilt that has kept you anchored to the depths of the past? You will never be able to be completely present in the now if you continue to look back in questionable doubt.


Since we are on the subject of forgiveness, it is also time to forgive yourself.  We are often so hard on ourselves, judging and questioning everything we do or think! We look in the mirror and can’t stand what a see; wishing we were skinnier, better looking or more confident. At the end of the day does that even matter? Forgive yourself for being your own worst enemy, and invite peace and adoration into your life.


Down time

When is the last time you did something for yourself? Why not take a long luxurious bubble bath surrounded by a field of candles while you soak away the stress with lavender oil and  himalayan bath salts, capable of leaching away toxins and stress that the body holds.  Close your eyes and float away into a world of silence.  


Treat yo' self

There is nothing I love more than treating myself to a pint of coconut ice cream, sitting on the couch and watching my favorite show while wrapped up in a mermaid blanket wearing a unicorn onesie (no shame). So why not curl up on the couch or book yourself a day at the spa and check out for a while? Treat yo' self girls and boys!


The Great Wall of "No"

It is time to set boundaries around your life.  While many of us find it difficult to say no to people, we need to learn that it is okay to refuse someone politely.  It is perfectly acceptable to say no to more work or invitations. As someone who has often struggled with this issue, I am making it my personal goal to say ‘no’ when I genuinely do not feel comfortable or up for partaking.



Be an architect of your heart and begin to construct the pillars of intentions that will hold your goals and desires up towards the sky.  If it is your intention to live a healthy lifestyle, now is the time to make changes, like eating better and getting to bed earlier.  Remember, we are changing the rules of this month. Why not be your own Valentine and splurge on a gorgeous bouquet of flowers? And who says it has to be on a specific day? Go out and buy some right now. By setting authentic intentions to treat yourself better, you will establish the solid groundwork to build monuments of self-love.

So now that we have armed you with the tools of self-love, let us be rebels together and celebrate by rewriting the rules of Valentine’s Day.  

“You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.” — Buddha



Written by: Laila Al-Yafi


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