Manic Mercury

We recently came across a very interesting article on Mantras + Miracles website and felt it was essential to share. Mantras & Miracles are a platform that aren't solely limited to selling their products, but offer yoga & mantra practices, portal activations, articles on self awareness & sell beautiful natural treasures. This article highlights the importance of being conscious, present and aware, especially during such a manic time. Mercury retrograde - yes its that time of year again. 

"Eclipses are times of greatly amplified polarity when the pull of the light and dark is reversed. Within this magnified energy is a potent opportunity to bring about quantum changes, accelerated manifestation and integration of vast amounts of energy into the pranic body."

"We are blessed with two eclipses in September! The first, an annular solar eclipse, comes September 1st. The second, a penumbral lunar eclipse on September 16th. Two eclipses so close together like this create a kind of cosmic portal rich with possibility."

"This is a time of intense everything. Emotions are high, feelings exaggerated. You might feel destabilized and confused. You’re being pulled in a million directions. That’s okay. The polarities are being activated within you as well as outside of you. Anything that has a charge will be “lit up”."

"It’s best not to make any big decisions right now, but just allow this energy to move through you. If it’s too intense, simply drop into your heart by closing your eyes and drawing all of your awareness to your breath until you feel re-centered."

"Your words and thoughts will be powerfully magnetic during this portal! Do not get caught up in the negative mind, but think and speak into existence your deepest truths and desires. Know that, used intentionally, this amplification can help you draw in tremendous power to call these things into creation."

"The magnetics of an eclipse caused by the intense polarities at play can create chasms in the ether. These rifts allow you access deep into the subconscious. This is an invitation to re-pattern any old, worn-out thoughts and beliefs. If you notice negativity, old trauma, or unhealthy behaviors coming to the surface, simply observe them. Going into resistance will actually block the flow and lock the pattern back in. Trust that their presence is a sign that they are moving up and out. Make your intention for that to happen clear."

"But the real gift of this eclipse portal is a rare and auspicious opportunity to clear the samskaras, or karmic patterns, which are held in the arc line (the line of energy that runs ear to ear, with an additional line from nipple to nipple on women.). Samskaras are embedded into your vibratory field from all of your lifetimes. They (more or less) determine the trajectory of your life."

"By clearing the samskaras (karma) we give ourselves an amazing opportunity to embody our highest self and purpose in this lifetime. Karmic clearing is usually quite difficult, but if we use the energy of the ellipse to catapult us, we can make truly significant changes now."

-Mantras & Miracles


Use this precious time to clear your conscious & focus on setting positive intentions. Whatever comes your way, be aware that it is only temporary & will only help you grow.  I hope this article has helped you realize a lot of aspects you weren't entirely sure of.

  • Batool says...

    Thank you for sharing such an inspirational article its exactly what i needed to hear <3

    On Sep 05, 2016

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