Pink Moon


A Moon in Bloom

It is believed that about 95 million years ago, during the formative and fiery stages of our blue planet that we call home today, a collision with another celestial body tore parts of Earth away (10% of the Earth’s mass), which rocketed molten debris into orbit. And from this destructive impact, born of fire and earth, our moon came to be.  

This is just one theory behind many of how our ghostly jeweled satellite was created.  

And since this departure of fire, the Earth and moon have forever chased and swooned after one another, day in and day out in the greatest love affair for all the stars to see.

The moon’s everlasting circling of Earth has greatly influenced our planet’s natural phases since its violent birth, causing the rise and fall of waves across oceans, seas and lakes, the atmosphere, and even within the very heart of our planet, Earth’s crust.  

Like our Blue Planet, water accounts for a large percentage (60%) of the human body.  As the moon influences nature, so to do we succumb to its alluring pull and cosmic flow which as some believe, heighten certain energies within our very being, interrupt sleep patterns, sharpen emotional responses and behavior.  

Moonbound, we feel our own oceans of thought pulled and pushed like the waves across the face of our Planet, and as the coming of a new full-moon approaches, we must prepare for a rising tide of change.

Pretty in Pink

The winds are beginning to warm, nourishing rains start to fall upon the awakening soils previously bound to ice, resurrected birdsongs are heard, grasses and plants bloom and burst with color as if stretching their petals from slumber.  

April has arrived, with it the moonrise of the Pink Moon.

A number of Native American tribes called it the April Pink Moon, named for the explosion of wild ground phlox, a star-shaped flower that blossoms in vivid hues of pink, blanketing the ground in floral wildfire. This blossoming inferno embodies the elements of fertility, abundance and growth, and it is therefore time to harvest the fruits of your own emotional labors by adequately preparing for April’s springtime moon.


Moon Tribe

We share much with the moon, for we too are pocketed with craters of trauma and imperfections, but that simply adds to our own beauty and mystique. We are both in constant flux, growing and being torn down, only to regenerate until the cycle starts anew. Relationships, friendships and careers are waning and waxing within our lives. We live between the light and dark, forever hiding a part of ourselves, just as the moon has forever hidden part of herself away from us.

You see? You have more in common with the moon than you thought.

As a moon child myself, and born in April, I may not be the most objective in boldly stating that the April Pink Moon is one of the most exciting periods. Favoritism aside, this month’s moon will be a time of stirring and grand awakening. As if springtime was not cause for celebration enough, this particular Pink Moon has become affectionately named “Lady Luck” by a number of astrologers as Luna nears the king planet Jupiter, which in turn propagates unexpected good fortune.  

As the moon begins to bloom in fullness, it's imperative to plant the seeds of intentions, gently scattering these notions across the fields of your heart so that they may be tilled and cultivated in time for next week. For as the saying goes, what you reap is what you sow.

If you plant the seeds of doubt, prepare to feast on the fruits of misgivings. But if you equip yourself and are open to trusting that this is indeed a time of great change, like the bright little moon farmer I know you to be, then you will take a precious moment to bolster your positive desires to garner your reward and fortune.

As spring signifies a time of rebirth and renaissance, you may be feeling a sense of stirring within yourself, excitement even. With a week left before the Pink Moon on April 11th, there is still time to honor and meditate upon positive assertions that you wish to benefit from as the wild phlox flower ignites in springtime glory.


Sleepless dreamer

If, like me, you find it difficult to sleep as the moon reaches its zenith, I suggest using essential calming oils like lavender, Roman chamomile, ylang ylang and bergamot. These oils are a delicious way to sooth the nerves and rising tumultuous tides of thoughts and emotions you may experience during the moon rise.

Release to be at peace

As we sow our crops of positive intentions, it's time to uproot that which is no longer serving you. The full-moon signifies a period of letting go. I invite you to reflect upon any unnecessary energy leaks or obstructions of happiness you can remove. Once identified, acknowledge it, thank it for its lessons (whether they were good or bad), and free it from your thoughts to greet the approaching gifts of change.

Mantra magic

A wonderful way to prepare for your own little full-moon ceremony is to create mantras that resonate with the magic of reawakening, change and release. Try this one:

“I am now choosing to cleanse myself and release any and all thought forms, beings, situations and energies that are no longer of service to my highest and greatest good… across all planes of my existence, across all universes, and across all lifetimes. I ask that all energies that are less than love be transmuted for the highest good for all. And so to it is.”

April is a time of revival and metamorphosis. It's a time of anticipation and action! Speak, write or paint of what you wish to manifest, and trust that these first courageous steps towards betterment will unfold.

The spiritual and intuitive ties between Luna and Earth has forever been timeless. Just as the Earth trusts the moon, let us open our hearts to this celestial alchemist.   

So now my beloved, prepare for your time of harvest and the magnanimous moon bounty that shall follow.



Written by: Laila Al-Yafi

  • Mashael says...

    I just came across this, and I just wanted to say that it’s so beautiful and was a pleasure to read, the “we share much with the moon” part really moved me

    On Jun 07, 2017

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