Custom Design Terms and Conditions

Here are a few terms and conditions for you to be aware of before we begin working together.


-The full payment upfront is due before I begin working on your design. 

-I will create 2-3 sketches for you depending upon the length of the quote you chose for the design. I will e-mail the sketches to you and perfect the one you like the most.

-I understand that sometimes after one round of sketches you might get a completely different idea of what you want. Any additional round of sketches will cost 100 USD. Try and be as specific as you can when you decide on an idea/quote by sending me photos of any research you have done and letting me know which of my designs you like the most so I can understand what style you are looking for.

-We will work together to perfect the initial sketch you chose and you can make up to two rounds of amendments to the design. Any further amendments to the design will cost an extra 50 USD.

- I assert any and all moral rights over the designs (including the right to be accredited as creator or object to false attribution or derogatory treatment of work) as may be applicable anywhere in the world. I will share the work on the Internet and I may use the design for future art exhibitions and projects or promotional materials and publications. I might also provide the story behind the design as a supplement to the work. I will keep your name private unless you want publicity as a patron of the work, which I am more than happy to share with you. If your work is used by someone else I cannot be held responsible.  To gain exclusivity rights to the work is an additional premium fee which will be agreed on before the project commences.   


Thanks for your understanding I look forward to working with you to create a beautiful, eternal symbol of peace, love, and light.