Giving Back


The Generous Light Co. has partnered up with The Sadalsuud Foundation to help raise funds for the ongoing educational programs in Lebanon.

The Sadalsuud Foundation is a nonprofit supporting educational opportunities for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. The organization is currently sponsoring over 50 Syrian children, paying for educational costs to attend Lebanese public schools in a town outside of Beirut. Through continued fundraising, the Sadalsuud Foundation will increase educational opportunities for Syrians across the country.

The name Sadalsuud comes from a star in the Aquarius constellation, and originates from the Arabic words سعد السعود. Rising with the sun in springtime, this star is seen as a sign of good luck and new life. The Sadalsuud Foundation’s mission is to provide this same good fortune to Syrian children across Lebanon through life-changing access to education.

The Generous Light Co. has produced a unique bracelet to help support the cause. This one of a kind bracelet is now available for purchase here. All profits from the bracelets go directly to the Sadalsuud Foundation, enabling them to bring light and hope into the lives of Syrian refugee children.