Hummingbird Pair


This gold vermeil and silver rhodium plated collection, consists of a variety of birds in five different pieces; two options of delicate hummingbird earrings, a necklace of sparrows in flight, a small bangle on which two swallows reunite and, the piece-de-resistance, a whispering crane ear cuff. Each bird is formed from Arabic calligraphy and contains the resonant words of one of the greatest poets of universal love, Jalaludiin Rumi. Click here to read more.

Inspired by Rumi quotes

These delicate earrings are inspired by the constant motion of the hummingbird in flight. A symbol of resilience and lightness, to call upon the hummingbird would be to call upon that strength that keeps us moving forward despite any challenges or struggles we face. Just as this tiny bird has the potential to fly thousands of miles over the Atlantic during their season of migration, so too do we have greatness inside us and the potential to fulfil our dreams and the ability to change the world. The trick is to keep moving and keep creating even if it is only one tiny step or flutter at a time.


Earring Materials:
  • 18K Gold vermeil plated
  • White Gold 18K silver rhodium plated on sterling silver
  • Approx. length of stud 18mm
  • Approx. height of stud 14mm