Swallows Reunite


This gold vermeil and silver rhodium plated collection, consists of a variety of birds in five different pieces; two options of delicate hummingbird earrings, a necklace of sparrows in flight, a small bangle on which two swallows reunite and, the piece-de-resistance, a whispering crane ear cuff. Each bird is formed from Arabic calligraphy and contains the resonant words of one of the greatest poets of universal love, Jalaludiin Rumi. Click here to read more.

Inspired by Rumi quotes

Two little separate swallows, forever connected by a silver line, finally come face to face on this delightful bangle. Only having one mate during their lifetime and returning home each year, the swallow is a bird that represents enduring faithfulness, love, honour and hope. If we seek these positive virtues found in the symbol of the swallow, these virtues will seek us. "What you seek is seeking you," words carved into the two little swallows, allude to the law of attraction and the power of our own intentions;  whatever energy you put out into the world, whatever life you seek is seeking and will find you. 


Bangle Materials:
  • 18K Gold vermeil plated
  • White Gold 18K silver rhodium plated on sterling silver
  • Approx. width of bangle 60mm
  • Size is adjustable