The Whispering Crane


This gold vermeil and silver rhodium plated collection, consists of a variety of birds in five different pieces; two options of delicate hummingbird earrings, a necklace of sparrows in flight, a small bangle on which two swallows reunite and, the piece-de-resistance, a whispering crane ear cuff. Each bird is formed from Arabic calligraphy and contains the resonant words of one of the greatest poets of universal love, Jalaludiin Rumi. Click here to read more.

Inspired by Rumi quotes

This stunning sculptural piece curves gracefully and comfortably around the top of your ear. The arching crane's neck and beak is formed from the letter Alif, the first letter in the Arabic word for "Listen", while the rest of the quote is found within the little pendants that sit atop the white and brown feathers which fall softly against the wearer's neck. The crane, a bird associated with water and connected to the divine, reminds us to always listen to our silent and powerful inner voice regardless of the storm of thoughts and judgements that swirl around us.


Ear Cuff Materials:
  • 18K Gold vermeil plated
  • White Gold 18K silver rhodium plated on sterling silver
  • Natural Rooster feather

Please note: Each feather is unique so they will vary in appearance.

  • Approx. length without feather 100mm
  • Approx. length with feather 210mm